There is no doubt in this that explainer videos are becoming the most powerful tool of advertising, every company either startup or established is investing in explainer videos.There are many reasons to this that why people are going for 2D or 3D animated videos.

1. Budget Friendly:

Animated videos are comparatively cheaper than live shoot videos, because in animated videos you don’t need a location or a cast, you can also go for outsource videos but for live videos you can’t do that.

2. Easy To Understand:

With 2D animation it’s easier to explain and break down complicated concepts. Something that you can’t show with live action or something that would require you traveling around the globe might not be the best way to spend your time and money.

3. Communicate Complex Ideas Effectively:

Animated videos are made to make things easier, it is conveys your message, explains your brand and its offering, most importantly it makes your idea “stand out” just in the way you want it to be. Even more so if you offer a web based service where the abstract parts are harder to understand.

4. Creative & Inspiring:

Yet another reason is creativity, in live shoots you’ll be needing lots of props and other stuff which is quite expensive and difficult to get. Contrary to this, than this an animated video can be very colourful and you can make it your way all you have to do is express your mission.

Explainer videos are best to grab attention of the viewers and that is proven time and time again. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the stuff we’ve created in the past: