The process

We’ll first have a kick off call where we discuss the details & goals of the video. After that, you will be invited to a trello board where we do project management and discuss the details and do the fine tuning until the video is perfect (we choose the video style, background music etc) Once the final payment is received, you will get access to the video without watermark.


  • Concept: After taking the time to understand the project, message and target audience, we propose a creative concept. If you already know what you want, the faster we can get started
  • Video Style: Explainer videos can be made in many styles, depending on your mission: Educational, emotional, powerful etc. Show us a few other video examples that you really like that we should go in the same direction in terms of style. Alternatively, we can show you some that we think work great with the current project
  • Script: This is the backbone of the project and you’ll have to engage the audience throughout the video. Usually 120-140 words per minute.
  • Storyboard: These are images from the script that will come to life later in the animation stage. We’ll have a few images per scene so you can get the feel of how the video is going to look like
  • Voiceover: Voice is the next big thing as Gary V says. We need something impactful that will complement the video. We’ll curate a few voices that go well with the project and you get to pick the one that best suits. One voiceover included
  • Animation: The storyboard comes to life! The animation will be done according to the narration, respecting it by the millisecond. The video will now come to life, adding the WOW factor!
  • Background Music: We present you with a few curated options based on video style, voiceover type etc and you get to choose the one that will accompany the video
  • Final touches: We do a few retouches if needed to make the video feel as a whole. Should be light touches if everything goes well before 🙂
  • Delivery Time: 14 days after approving the script. Under special circumstances (no sleep, lots of coffee) we can get to a minimum of 7 days.
  • Payments: Payment will be done in 2 instalments, 50% at project start and 50% at hand over