Probably you’re wondering how videos can help you promote your business. That’s what we will explain in this article below.

There are many types of videos you can use, for example: product videos, promotional videos, testimonials and so on. You have so many choices, trust us!


  • Product videos


Have you thought that a product presentation video will be the right solution to attract new consumers? Or do you actually have a hard-to-explain product, so you need a thorough and clear explanation and a video could do that for you? This is the best option. Why? Well, they will better understand what you offer and another reason would be the interaction/ engagement you will have with your consumers.

  • Testimonial videos

What are testimonial videos good for? Well, people influence people, right? And people’s opinions matter when you have to make a decision. So, the testimonial videos show to your potential consumers comments or honest reviews. And these videos can help your business by changing opinions of a product or convincing people to buy.

  •  Promotional videos

You can use promotional videos to tell your customers about your products and services. First of all, what’s your goal? What do you want your video to do? Do you want brand awareness? Or maybe drive sales? Drive traffic or increase customer engagement? Or you just want to educate your customers? You have to set your goals. Promotional videos are like an invitation to your new house. You want people who come to visit your house to remember certain things about her. You want this visit to stay in their mind and of course, you want them to come back.

  • Social Videos

They have become more and more popular and rightly so! Consumers can watch fast and can be convinced more easily. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter videos can bring more traffic to your website and increase brand awareness. But, remember! Your Social Videos have to be short and catchy, because people don’t spend much time on the same post and they keep scrolling.

  • Explainer videos

These videos are essential if you need to offer explanations of product use. It has to help consumers solve the problems they can encounter when using your product. It should be like a documentary in which to answer possible questions from consumers. At the end of the video, consumers should no longer have any problem understanding how the product works.

These were the 5 most popular types of videos that could help your business so if you want to promote your business through videos and want the end result to be the one you expected, contact us!